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Kiri Hunter is a homicide detective searching for a killer dubbed by the media as the Angel of Death. Her search is complicated by a very unpleasant Federal Agent who insists Kiri bring Angel in alive or risk losing her badge, a local gang who wants the Angel dead for killing one of their own, and a soft spoken stranger named Guarryn who saves Kiri's life but tells her she must leave stopping the Angel to him.

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Outpost 617 was located on a tiny God-forsaken planet at the farthest edge of  Aarial Alliance territory.  It was the first line of defence against invasion in that quadrant, but since with Waraick Treaties in place, things were far too quiet.  Sitting at the end of the military supply chain, the Outpost was routinely short of everything - supplies, fuel, spare parts...and action.  The equipment was faulty and the troops were getting sloppy.  Until one of them disappears.  And another.  And another.

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Most of the Department knew of Detective Sgt. Ella Cobb.  Beautiful.  Brilliant.  Her team specialized in serial killers, and their record was outstanding.  But Ella Cobb has a secret they don't know.  Another name.  Another life.  And this secret might just get her killed.

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