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She whirled to stand nose to nose with Harrison, forcing him to take a stumbling step backward.

"Like hell you will, you miserable bastard. You stood by and let the Angel take down his partner. Stood there and did nothing while a good officer was destroyed."

Harrison's hesitation was short lived. He stiffened, eyes narrowed, voice cold. "I told you the Angel had to be taken alive. At all costs."

"Bullshit. You don't get to decide the cost. You don't set the price on a cop's life." 

He stepped forward and leaned in, pressing his attack. "Hunter, you do not want to mess with me. I'll break you. I'll break you into so many pieces, there wouldn't be a place left to pin your badge if you still had one." 

Something inside her cracked open and fell away, a heavy cast removed from a healed limb. She placed both palms against his shoulders and shoved him back. "Well, take your best shot, asshole. Cause I don't work for you. None of us work for you. This department knows how to do its job. We know how to bring a prisoner in and we know when to take one down." She stepped forward as Harrison recovered his balance and shoved him again. "And we don't stand by and let another cop get killed if we can stop it. The only reason I kept Officer Sparks from beating the shit out of you is he's hurt. Wounded in the line of duty. But if you don't get out of here, I will be happy…" One more shove slammed Harrison against the wall behind him. "…honored…to do it for him."

"You're done, Hunter." Harrison voice was a hiss, more powerful than a shout. "You're finished." He included all of them in a cold glare before turning on his heel and stalking away.

Through the sound of her blood still pounding in her ears, she heard the voices of the officers behind her, the low hum of approval. She waited for the aftermath, the realization of what she had done, the fear over what Harrison would do in return.

 Strangely, there was none.

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